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Over the years, most of the thanks Norman received were directly to his person as most of his early work was exclusively from people living in Jerusalem or friends of theirs in the country and today, much of it has now begun to revolve through the use of the Internet and not having kept past emails, this page is now entirely new and for those of you who may be interested in a commission, this page will at least let you know how others are thinking.

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Real-Admiral Sir Hugh Janion, KCVO,
Buckingham Palace

"The Prince and Princess of Wales have asked me to send you their sincere thanks for the beautiful hand-illuminated Ketuba."

"Their Royal Highnesses very much appreciate your thought in sending them this gift and are most grateful for your splendid work in preparing the Ketuba. I am asked to thank you most warmly."
To see the entire letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace, click here.

Rabbi Norman Patz,
Temple Sholom of West Essex, Cedar Grove, New Jersey

". . . thank you for your masterpiece. It really is exquisite, a work of unsurpassing beauty, with balance and subtlety of structure & color (plus all the other compliments we wrote in our email). It reflects not only your talent in abundance ..."

Mr. Michael Cohn,
Long Island

"I was amazed and thrilled how you were able to take my unformed ideas, to distill them from my e-mails and then translate them into this beautiful piece. I had never commissioned a work of art before, but you were thoughtful and patient throughout the process and made me feel always that your goal was to bring out my ideas. Still, it was your suggestions and hand which brought that about... as much as I loved the photos you sent me of the work in progress, I was not prepared for the richness and depth of the colors, or the subtlety when I actually got the piece. Norman, thank you so much."

Bruce Auerbach,
Lexington, Massachussetts

"While I can say that in our 27 years together ... I had some trepidation that my appreciation of the gift would not match the obvious joy and excitement she felt in enabling its creation."

"I was first struck by the beauty of the artwork. It is exceptional. The choice of colors and tones exudes warmth, love and peace. The calligraphy and flowing lines beautiful to behold. ... You captured the sentiments and feelings perfectly. ... our love so magnificently."

... "the first thing we see when we wake up in the morning and the last thing we see every night when we retire."

Melissa Weinstock and Jeffrey Foor,
Washington, DC

"We had a great experience collaborating with you during the earlier stages of the creative process. It is amazing that you were able to integrate all of the elements that we wanted ... especially the look and feel of an ancient Italian Ketubah"

"You were able to listen to us and distill from our conversations exactly how to proceed. The result is a unique piece of art that truly reflects us."

"We absolutely love our ketubah and would highly recommend you to our friends. Thank you again."

Lawrie and Elaine Freedman,
Toronto, Canada

"WOW and WOW and if I didn't mention it already, WOW."

"It's really beautiful ... we're really happy with the results."

The lotus flowers have a distinctly Jewish Shabbat candles kind of look which is awesome"

Dawn and Yona Schork,
Villanova, Pennsylvania

"I can hardly believe it! As soon as I saw it I realized that I already 'knew' what it would look like. The colors on my screen are amazingly accurate ..."

"... you have successfully illuminated our exact desire."

"It is obvious that you have put a piece of yourself into our ketubah. ... The more we look, the more we see ... Most importantly, Dawn is ecstatic with the result ... was so very important to her and you have made her very, very happy. After the kids are in bed and we are done for the day, she takes out the ketubah and sits and looks at it ... and smiles."

Amy and Doug Schreiber,
Boston, Massachussetts

"... I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the ketuba. I am so excited for everyone at my wedding to see it. The text in the bottom right corner is awesome. I love virtually every detail!"

"Just so you know, Doug and I looked at ketubot in stores for MONTHS before finding you. We didn't love and couldn't agree on any of them. Both of us are genuinely THRILLED with the ketuba."

Tammy and Michael Baruch,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I got the Ketubah!" "We are so pleased with it ... it looks amazing and is absolutely beautiful, it looks so incredible in person. ... I have told him how gorgeous it is!"

Sam and Charlotte Axelrad,
Houston, Texas

"What a beautiful piece. You have a gift of capturing the essence of people long distance. The colors are superb! You also have an intuitive gift that you are willing to give attention."

"It can be hung in any room in our home. I know it will be stunning when framed ... I thank you for your special interest in this project and the beautiful results."

"When I show it to others they "gasp" when they see it. It is such a blessing to have the talent you have."

Marty Rosenheck and Kirsten D'Aurelio,
Evanston, Illinois

"We were just looking at the shiviti you did for your synagogue. It is so astoundingly beautiful. ..."

". . . you know that blues and lavender are our favorites. We leave the rest up to you. One of the big reasons we were attracted to your work was your gorgeous palette -- the subdued colors, the parchment feel, and your expert blending of them. We trust your artistry in this area completely."

Roberta Newman,
New York, New York

"I've finally had a moment to properly open the package and appreciate the family tree. It's beautiful, Norman. I look forward to framing it at a top-notch place (I wouldn't entrust it to just anyone) ... Yasher koyekh!"

Jordyn Baumgarten,
New Jersey

"Your art work is truly awe inspiring and it captures exactly the earthy, rustic sentiment that we had hoped to convey."

Janet Heettner and Peter Silverman,
New York, New York

"Hard to make a lot of detailed comments on something when your only meaningful one is that it's beautiful, incredible, inspiring ...
"I am proud and honored to be able to present this to David and Dafna. I wanted to give them something for their beautiful new home and there is nothing I could be happier giving than your artwork ... it is spectacular!"

Lara and David Spodek,
New York, New York

"We absolutely love our ketubah. It was a great collaborative process. You were really able to take our vision and make it a magnificent piece of art. As we look at our ketubah for years to come, we will continue to thank you."

Matt Marko and Marie Rubio,
Los Angeles, California

"We just wanted to write you this note to thank you for being such a great artist and for being such a wonderful person. When we first found your website, we knew we liked your artistic style, and from our first contact with you, we knew we liked you as a person."

"The entire process from start to finish was exciting, challenging, engaging and a heck of a lot of fun. We enjoyed our regular contact with you, and loved watching as our collective imaginations came together and developed into a Ketuba beyond our expectations. The hardest part is keeping it tucked away for the next couple of months until we get to sign it and proudly display it in our home."

"We will treasure it for the rest of our days."

Shanna and Tony,
Boston, Massachussetts

"Wow. Beautiful. It made us so happy in so many ways. We cant wait till we see it for real. Thank you for this amazing, fabulous, glorious work of art. Our love shines through every inch of it."

Dan Horowitz and Barbette Houser,
Athens, Virginia

"We got the ketuba and it's incredible. We are so glad we made this decision! I've been bragging to all my friends, and even near-strangers, about it."

Avi and Dani Ross,

"Norman! A masterpiece! The Ketubah is so beautiful - thank you so much! The care and detail in your work has shone through wonderfully, we love it."

Joshua and Miriam Shuval - Tree of Life,

"The ketubah looks absolutely beautiful! Everyone at the wedding commented on how much they liked the creativity and the design ... and how we got to put in little things that make it special for us. ... we look forward to proudly displaying the ketubah as a great piece of art in our house ..."

Shoshana Berman,

"Norman, I love the crest. It is beautiful. I saw it for 4 seconds before we gave it to be framed. I cant wait to see it framed and admire it again. Thank you for everything. "

Jan and Craig,
La Jolla, California

"It's just beautiful! I especially love the angel! ... We couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. Thank you for your work on this project."

Louis and Martin Rahmanou,

"I loved the Ketuba - It was/is so very special and it looks wonderful. Thank you so much for your hard work - it really was worth it in the end ... getting it framed and will put it up in our flat ... amazing..."

Los Angeles

"... well, its been a bit over a week now and all the festivities have come and gone. ... As for the ketubah - we love it. Its amazing and even more beautiful in person than via email. The details certainly come out with more texture, light and color. It definitely captured the spirit of what we hoped to convey. Most importnatly, Jenny loves it!"

"... Thank you for everything. ... Your ketubah played a huge part in ..."

Tamar Hemme and Gerard Broussard, Jr.,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I just wanted to let you know that we have the ketuba in our hot little hands now! It's so beautiful! Even better in person than through the internet! We LOVE it! The abstract reality of the pictures is amazing! You've made a better ketuba than we could ever have imagined!"

"Thank you again for all of the wonderful work you have put in to make this one of a kind ketuba! ... I don't know if you remember the stress that goes along with planning a wedding, but working with people like you certainly lightens the load ... You emailed often and showed progress at least once each week ... I've really enjoyed these past couple of months with you."

Dvorah and Andrew Davey,
Maputo, Mozambique

"We LOVE it Norman! This is beautiful and much nicer than we ever expected."

Deborah and David Fox,
New Westminster, British Columbia

"We had a wonderful ceremony and day yesterday. We're married! And the ketuba was signed and admired and admired and admired.

We love it."

Ilana and Matthew Fishman,
Toronto, Ontario

What a beautiful and perfect work of art! This is so stunning. I can't get over it. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to making this so perfect for us.
The ketubah is unbelievable. After all of our brainstorming and collaborative efforts, the final ketubah most definitely surpasses all of our expectations; thanks to you and your unique talent. It is just spectacular and so very special. ... Thank you for this beautiful work of art. We will cherish it forever."

Noah Slepkov and Liran Denesh,
Tel Aviv, Israel


Paige and Michael Brams,
Brooklyn, New York

"Paige and I are both in awe of the Ketubah and could not be happier with the results. I am so tempted to email the pictures to my parents but I think the impact will be greater if they see it completed for the first time on the day of the wedding. I know this was a tough request and are grateful you took the time to understand our wishes and interpret them so beautifully."

GICLEES (Digital Prints)

Felicia Katz and David Harris,
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"We are truly speechless. ... I received the package ... unrolled the artwork. ... My ketuba is the most beautiful of any kind that I have ever seen. ... I also love the feel of natural wood that you created by staining the paper itself. ... simply spectacular."
"I'm so glad we took your advice ... that the gold, together with the fact that the entire text is handwritten, makes the entire ketuba look like an original "... the quality is so superb, that you really have to look closely ... to know that it is a reproduction."

Rachel and Craig Ginsburg,
New York, New York

"Thank you so much for being vigilant ... Your thoughtfulness as always, shows no end. ... Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do!"

Avi and Binyamin,
Toronto / Jerusalem

"From my perspective it is absolutely lovely, beyond my hopes, your calligraphic skills match what I see our needs"

Hannah and Gabriel,
Seattle, Washington

"...and we really love it! It's so much more beautiful in the flesh! We are very happy with it. Thank you for all your hard work"

Jeffrey and Rebecca Giansiracusa,
Oxford England / Kingston, Ontario

"... waited very patiently to open it ... and it is gorgeous! It is more beautiful than I even imagined from the pictures and we are so proud to own it!"

Stephanie and Robert
Toronto, Ontario

"... we're married and with your beautiful ketubah under our chuppah! ... we fell in love with it online, but in our hands and in the frame it simply doesn't compare -- amazing and unique"

Aaron and Susana (Suarez) Caplan
Hamilton, Ontario

"Thanks Norman!!! It's beautiful!!!! I am so happy :-)"

Judy (Ross) and Ken Livingstone
Rush, New York

"Ken and I were thrilled to be able to share your beautiful ketubah artwork with our friends Ernie and Melissa for their wedding. Our friends were equally thrilled to create this artistic and spiritual expression of their love and marriage. As you know, Ken was chosen to participate in the ketubah signing. During the ceremony, the Rabbi asked Ken to bring the ketubah to the Chuppah. The Rabbi announced that the ketubah was our gift and that it was created by a scribe in Jerusalem. Together, the bride and groom read the ketubah to their wedding guests. The giving of the ketubah was a wonderful way to become a more integral part of the wedding."

Theresa Dwyer-Federhar
Phoenix, Arizona

"Norman, I just received the ketuba, and it is BEYOND amazing. From start to finish you have been timely and professional, and I could not be more pleased with the final result. Thank you so much for all your kind help, and for generating such a magnificent result. My husband and I will treasure this first anniversary even more with such a special gift in our home."

Blair Wexler
"Evan just landed today and showed us your beautiful Ketubah. Thank you so much for adding your beautiful artwork and creativity into this special document. We love it. It's very meaningful to us to have something not only from Israel, but something that rings true to who we are as a couple and I think you did a wonderful job capturing who we are in your work."

Robert Bernfeld
"The Eagle has landed, and it's gorgeous! Thank you Norman."

Erica and Mark Gottlieb
New York, New York

"We opened it last night and LOVE it. It is beautiful beyond words and we cannot wait to have it be part of our marriage and then displayed in our home. It truly does have a magical quality about it and I now know what you meant by all of those little dots! I have even sent pictures to friends and family showing off this beautiful piece of art."

Jodi and Greg Smith
Charleston, South Carolina

"Oh my gosh, Norman!!! It's absolutely gorgeous! You were wonderful to work with! And we have a piece of art that is ours & priceless! We just cannont wait to sign it and display it at our wedding!!! I've told lots of people about it, but wont let anyone see it till the big day! ...

"... Greg and I don't know too much Hebrew... But we had a great time going through it and picking out our names and out parent's names!"

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